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Letting go

“Don’t let go, please” my head is pounding, my arms and legs kick out desperately as I try to swim back up, I keep fighting until I feel my head is about to explode, every cell in my body is screaming for oxygen, my lungs feel as though they’re set on fire. I can’t hold my…

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finding inspiration

I’ve have been asked a few questions over and over again it just bothers me sometimes theese are the questions that I have been asked what inspires you? what is this nonsense? why are you writing this? will this ever help you? DONT WASTE YOUR TIME ON THIS

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hey guys,its been a while know,yeah its been littearly 2 days,i havent written anything,i piled all of my ideas and made a schedule of when i am going to post a new blog post,i will officly post the schedule next week due to me not finishing it   yes,failure sucks,we all want to sucseed on…

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I have nothing to write about, even though I want to, I have a lot of ideas write know but I cant write it in this blog post, I’m just writing and looking up ideas for change;I can’t think right now, I have a lot of thoughts right now about nonsense and things I shouldn’t…

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Self help Book I recommend

I got inspired by a blog post and yes its coffishot Favorite Books Anyways I think I got addicted to the topic of self-help and related books under the topic Enjoy x by the way i am not good at taking pics so that pic is not mine,just found it layig around in we heart…

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Nature & style

When They Travel