Princess Diana

“I knew what my job was; it was to go out and meet people and love them.” Diana used her position to elevate awareness in addition to funds for charitable causes; she was not the only one who did humanitarian work, but she was the solitary one who did it with extreme sincerity and openness […]

the homework controversy

It’s midnight, and Ellie is still wide awake. Her eyes only kept open by ungodly amounts of coffee; she needs to finish her never-ending piles of homework. She realized she would be unable to remain alert in class tomorrow; However, she has no other decision. Excessive, uncontrolled homework is an increasing problem for students. Teachers […]

the world of the unkown

The last person who actually told me the truth was my father with his dying breath. As I held onto his hand, begging him to stay, he spoke in a gruff voice, “Alas, never trust a survivor.” He had warned me and he clutched my hands firmly as if I was a child again, “until […]

Letting go

“Don’t let go, please” my head is pounding, my arms and legs kick out desperately as I try to swim back up, I keep fighting until I feel my head is about to explode, every cell in my body is screaming for oxygen, my lungs feel as though they’re set on fire. I can’t hold my […]


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