Athba albehzad

My name is Athba; I’m a high school student and open-minded ambivert; I substitute books for sleep, currently in love with a fictional character, and the worlds tucked between the pages of my books. I have a huge passion for debate and love to express my opinions even if it sometimes gets me in trouble. I love going on long road trips, watching stars, and just being alive.

I m currently working on a podcast rn !! I want our young creatives to have a comfortably homey safe space; in the podcast, I will discuss a lot of things, including mental health, books, productivity, issues, opinions, and hopefully interview episodes! I’m honestly really excited and looking forward to sharing this part of myself !!

I m working on a magazine and a website aiming to provide a safe place for young creatives and youth to express themselves, hopefully providing a supportive and encouraging environment !!! I m so excited aaaa

for business inquires: athbayaz@gmail.com