why us kids hate school

why us kids hate school?

 For us, school isn’t a place to learn. If we have the chance to not go to school we won’t, we may even drop out.

We need to wake up early in the morning, spend 7 hours sitting still locked up in a classroom, then going home to study or do over two hours of homework every day. Then they tell us what we can and want we can’t wear, take our phones away, and give us about three quizzes a week !! How can we go through 3 more years of that ??

Students spend around 8 hours a day at school. Rarely should a child be spending more time at night on homework than with their family, but in today’s world, time with their parents is exponentially more important than working 50 Algebra questions, and that’s a general statement, so the solution we are proposing is less homework or remove the homework – Finland has the best education system in the world and has concise school hours, no standardized tests and no homework.teachers should do a meeting and chose the days we are going to have exams and quizzes and homework, so our schedule doesn’t be full or reduce the number of tests, quizzes and homework. Please increase the number of fun projects that allow us to creatively think and display our talents and skills.

School, using a tool to become better. Always telling us when never asking us how always just right now. They say follow your dreams but don’t fail. We just want you to try, oh yeah, that is a lie, you don’t pass you won’t last. Welcome to education. A robot, no right to think for yourself, do the work make the cut. Always remember that it will never be enough, still driving for more, and then you aren’t a kid anymore, just another score.

We know in some households the patents are just too busy for the child leading the child to feel neglected, rejected, and unloved, contact like they have no one to talk to. Then they come to school because the parents force them to, you don’t know what the child is going through at school because your too busy and they feel “punished” and counselors will do the job in all grades in the school. Let’s help the child to solve their problem instead of punishing them because you may never know what they’re going through, sometimes it’s stress from what they go through in school.

I m here to know why, why do they have to do this to us? Why are they making our lives so hard on top of everything? I was in this expensive prestige school, and we had lost this teacher – may he Rest In Peace- this teacher had taught me for the past two years, when he passed away, we never got the support we needed, teachers and heads never cared, we skipped classes for a week, no one asked what was going on they moved on, out grades dropped. We have a welfare department and people who are studied psychology they did nothing, they didn’t handle the situation properly at all. The principal said no to doing a memorial cause we don’t want the students to remind the student of him. Umm excuse me because of you not accepting our feelings, we’re messed up now, we never got the support we needed to have, and to this day we’re all struggling.

I never thought I’d ever come to this point in my life where I really want to drop out…


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