Things I want to change in schools

A few weeks ago I was asked, if I had the opportunity to change schools what would I do?so I gathered a few things people had said from all around the world and compiled them together and finally I had my answers.

  • More life skill classes like how to sell, how to think, how to negotiate, how to face failure, how to manage time, how to invest in money, how to make an impact, how to start a business, how to find passion 
  • Study hall, for students to study when there is no sound and just to study and extra help from teachers are provided.
  •  student newspaper, every week a group of students from each year group write a newspaper and there is no line, students can write anything their opinions, political views, etc. 
  • Change the food, let’s be honest the food in the cafeteria is absolute garbage and the only reason we still go because there is nothing else to eat. In my perspective, I only bought food twice from the school cause it’s disgusting. CHANGE THE FOOD PLEASE.
  • School prayer is mandatory. We can’t have students not praying when there is in the actual prayer room, after our second break we have 10 minutes to pray and everyone has to pray and it should be apart of our school schedule.
  • One motivational talk once a week from a professional including topics about history, school, motivation, mental health issues, business, etc.
  • We need counseling so the school should provide a survey and whoever seems to be in bad mental state should seek counseling and it shouldn’t be a choice.
  • Naptime. Why does school expect us not to sleep when we don’t have lessons. As a matter of fact, we love free lessons because we can sleep, and since we have a lot of homework and stress the day before we tend to sleep in class so arrange a thirty-minute nap time.
  • People overwork themselves leading to high stress which is bad for mental health.
  • School WiFi is very bad for students who don’t have devices so why not just have good school WiFi but restricting some sites and applications
  • Headphones should be allowed. What are we expected to do in our free time? Sleep well we can’t sleep so headphones should be allowed in our break and lunch.
  • Our own Arabic books, we don’t need government books why not make our own books using the government’s help?
  • Eco-friendly groups
  • Have open discussions on mental health
  • Disability-friendly
  • Lifts. Why do we have to make things hard for people who have an injured leg for example? A teacher couldn’t come to our classes mainly because there is no form of going upstairs without hurting her leg.
  • Environmental issues give speeches, workshops on upcycling, organize volunteering events.
  • We know in some households the patents are just too busy for the child leading the child to feel neglected, rejected and unloved, feel like they have no one to talk to. Then they come to school because the parents force them to, you don’t know what the child is going through at school because your too busy and they feel “punished” and consulers will do the job in all grades in the school. Let’s help the child to solve their problem instead of punishing them because you may never know what they’re going through, sometimes it’s stress from what they go through in school.
  • There is a lot in the curriculum but you don’t have to teach all of it once, to be fair we’re in school for 8 months , that means we have 12,000 minutes to teach us and our lessons are 45 minutes so stop giving us two hours of homework thinking it will help us learn IT DOESNT we would be doing so much better if we get a good night of sleep. Any minute we’re not doing homework stress us out because we always have so much to do. Even when it’s done I can’t stop thinking that I m forgetting something. This is important. Why do you think stress, anxiety, depression rates are going up in teens. 
  • When a student gets so stressed to the fact they get panic attacks and are physically ill then there is a problem. When a student hopes for weather issues and sickness or anything that can put off a day from school then there is a problem. It’s not the students being lazy, it’s because they’re completely exhausted and mentally unstable and the problem isn’t with students it’s with the school system.
  • The school should help kids identify their strengths by exploring their talents from a young age and growing skills over the 12 years they wouldn’t graduate and follow the same typical routine like sheep.
  • School has stolen our passion for many things the students are interested in, so make us learn in a different way. We want to travel, and to talk to people and to learn that way. We want to learn as we go, gathering knowledge. We have lost passion 
  • You stick kids in classrooms 7 hours of the day, give them a few hours of homework, actively discourage them from playing outside and wonder why kids are so out of shape.
  • We need to wake up early in the morning, spend 7 hours sitting still locked up in a classroom then going home to study or do over two hours of homework every day and then they tell us what we can and want we can’t wear, take our phones away, and give us about three quizzes a week !! How can we go through 3 more years of that ?? So I think we should move around, our classes should be in different rooms and every few teachers would be assigned a room and this way the students will have to move around. The second solution is that they should actually remove the homework, no homework !! Finland has the best education system in the world and has very short school hours, no standardized tests and no homework. The third solution is that our teachers should do a meeting and chose the days we are going to have exams and quizzes and homework so we our schedule doesn’t be full. The last solution is no homework when we have exams.
  • Free food, actually good food. Children deserve to eat, poor children should have a hot meal to eat in school, children should not go hungry because their parents aren’t able to afford a hot school lunch and most importantly children should not be embarrassed about not being able to afford school lunches.
  • Students spend around 8 hours a day at school. Rarely should a child be spending more time at night on homework than with their family, but in today’s world, time with their parents is exponentially more important than working 50 Algebra questions and that’s a general statement so the solution we are proposing is less homework.
  • Reduce the number of tests, quizzes, and homework. Increase the number of fun projects that allow us to creatively think and display our talents and skills.
  • If you help someone in school, it’s called cheating and when you help someone in business it’s called teamwork. In school you are held from learning, we need teachers to trust us.
  • In 2020 get rid of algebra 2 in high schools and replace it with finance fundamentals. Teach kids about careers, budgeting, money, management, taking a loan, buying a house, filling their taxes. We want to be able to get out of this school taking something with us and we will always remember this.
  • School, using a tool to become better. Always telling us when never asking us how always just right now. They say follow your dreams but don’t fail. We just want you to try, oh yeah, that is a lie, you don’t pass you won’t last. Welcome to education. A robot, no right to think for yourself, do the work make the cut. Always remember that it will never be enough, always driving for more and then you aren’t a kid anymore, just another score.

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