Mid-month wrap up

I completed 9 books in October/November, most of the books I’ve red this month was fantasy, science fiction and dystopian.

A lot of people told me to re-read the shatter me series so I did, my friend and I red the books together and I kept spoiling the books for her, which was actually really fun when I told her that Juliette was adopted and she has a sister.

Recently I started reading dystopian ya and some friends recommend the divergent series, I loved how Roth wrote the book and the plot was perplexing and very orignal however the end didn’t give me a feel of a cliffhanger I was completely fine if i didn’t finish the series.

I noticed that all of the fantasy books I have red the plot is usually that someone has a different colour blood, different colour hair which is usually silver, gold or purple and the girl character has to fall in love with someone who is a prince or her childhood best friend. My interest is all of the above so I red queen, loved it but never bought the other book, before that I red everless which is my favourite of the month. Also, I red violet grenade which was very interesting and I loved it.

The last book I red was girl on a plane and I gave it 3 stars because of how the book was written and the book could’ve been more interesting if there was more romance in it


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