Good bookstores in Dubai​

If you love to read books and living in Dubai you will most definitely know your bookstore choices. whilst if your living in Abu Dhabi you would have a lot of choices.


  1. kinokuniya

UAE, Dubai’s largest bookstore in dubai mall. kinokuniya has a wide varitey of books and  has a wide section of young adult books too. They even have a loyalty card, you get discounts on books for example Ash princess is 47 AED and i would get it for 39 AED. Kinokuniya sadly only deleivers to UAE, Hatta.

  1. magrudy’s

UAE, Dubai’s second largest book store i beleive. I usally go to the jumeriah 1 magrudy’s but there are other branches. Magrudy’s also has a loyalty gift card and they also deleiver to your door step and you could order online and go to the book store .

  1. Book worm

bookworm has changed branches but i think its in jumeriah too

  1. Borders

Borders in mirdif city center, also has ya and school supplies.

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