To be honest, the book actually made me a cry.

Quick note: if you haven’t red the book blurb or don’t have the book you won’t really understand what i would be talking about in this blog post. Thank you for understanding

I didn’t cry over books in quite a long time since there wasn’t a book that touched me a lot, what I most liked about the book is the characters and how they were defined for example Seb, Rosalind’s little brother, he had a lot of affection to the story, just try to think will the plot be good if Seb wasn’t in it actually?!.A quick spoiler that won’t ruin your reading is that at the end I am 100% sure that you are going to cry if you liked the story and most importantly Seb’s character.I loved how Rosalind made herself miss nobody and made a blog about replying to bullies. I felt Rosalind I felt like her even though I don’t really relate to her! The character of Seb was actually amazing he was the most cutest little brother ever.

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