A thought

Since the start of April, I opened up a new chapter in life, it’s reading books specifically YA books.

I got a good advantage from reading them, I got good English literature scores in my tests and my vocabulary has improved a lot. I used to get 8/20 and now it’s usually 17/20.

This summer was quite productive, fun and boring. I have red 7 books so far and on my 8th, I even started a reading challenge for myself to finish 12 books at the least till the end of 2018. I traveled to another part of the world and the experience in Romania was amazing! It was boring because my balance card in Starbucks was 0%. At the start of March I had 300 AED in it. Last week I went to order my usual and then boom the lady was like “you don’t have any balance in the card” and I kinda ran off


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interested in meaningful deep letters. The kind who loves picnics, road trips, watches Netflix and writes letters ♡ also ana insana ragda 24/7, loves to avoid human interaction o lover of redbull

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