My ​fictional bucket list

hey there, i decided to tell people about my bucket list, my fictional bucket list. I was inspired by here.

Ever since i was 8 years old i’ve began reading books and i developed a fictional bucket list for all the books i’ve read.


1.Fangirl by rainbow rowell.

Have a picnic with cath and wren and ask them about their hardships about being twins and writing fan fiction and how they began this fan fiction process first of all how they began liking simon snow and baz.

2. Eleanor and park by rainbow rowell.

Ask eleanor how she felt from her father kicking her out and how her prespective of life is towards the world

3.The fault in our stars by john green

Explore and travel the world with hazel grace

4.The sun is also a star by nicola yoon

Be the father of natasha and experiance the imigration process

5.Evreything evreything by nicola yoon

Thid whole blog post is talking about fictional things that cant happen so if i had a choice i would be Maddy Whittier and write her feelings to the world

I know, I know this was a short post but i had fun writing it!


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interested in meaningful deep letters. The kind who loves picnics, road trips, watches Netflix and writes letters ♡ also ana insana ragda 24/7, loves to avoid human interaction o lover of redbull

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