feelings I​ get while reading a book

While reading a book i get alot of thoughts and feelings for example

That feeeling when you buy a new book and smell the pages741442.gif

i just love the smell there is no other explnation

2.when someone tells you “there is no pictuires how can you read this”


like quit it i read them and non of the books i read have pictuires alright

3.there is no explantion


4.that feeling you get when you finish a great book and you look around a littile sad because you feel like u lost a littile piece of yourself


5.when both of your parents take away a book just because you have to focous in your studies and you just say its educational


6.just one more page and you will finish the book at 3AM


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interested in meaningful deep letters. The kind who loves picnics, road trips, watches Netflix and writes letters ♡ also ana insana ragda 24/7, loves to avoid human interaction o lover of redbull

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