‘Everything Everything’ A book review​



Everything Everything was the book that gave me the courage to read more, it made feel that I am in the position of a sick person (in a good way), it was where my journey started.

I’m not going to lie, yes the book made me smile, laugh, cry, blush and even sleep, the book was always with me, in sad times and joy times.

It basically talks about Madeline’s sickness which is she is not allowed to step out of the house and if she did she might die,

but one day, while she was looking outside her window she noticed that their neighbours were moving out she was very sad about it. However, a new family moved in-in the morning. Maddy saw the boy which was called only they gave each other a long stare and he smiled but she just frowned/rolled her eyes at him, at night only and his younger sister brought a cake but Maddy’s mom apologized and didn’t take the cake in!!! anyways Maddy and only started talking in the white room through the windows he wrote on a piece of paper and she responded. At that time they learnt a lot of things about each other, Maddy somehow convinced her nurse that they ‘hang out’ in the white room. Eventually, Madeline and olly started talking in the white room-the white room is where Maddy likes to read, homework, do checkups and projects, there is a glass window and she stands there and they talk using paper,. Madeline sets her eyes on Olly and after a lot of pressure Maddy’s nurse let them see each other every 2 weeks and on one of their meetups they kissed. After a while, Olly’s father was quite ‘abusive’ and harsh on Olly’s mom, Olly and his daughter basically their whole family once she saw olly’s dad punching olly she ran out of the house even though she couldn’t she wasn’t allowed olly started shouting to Maddy to get inside but she wouldn’t listen. Maddy’s mom brought Maddy back inside and said why would you risk your life for him he’s a stranger and then she asks again wait he isn’t a stranger, is he? In the mornig, Maddy’s mom found out that they were ‘hanging out’ as a result she fired the nurse. Maddy and Olly went to Hawaii, they developed feelings for each other, Maddy didn’t really forgive her mother for not telling her that she wasn’t sick for 17 year/18years.After searching in her Mom’s office there wasn’t any file of her SCID and Maddy confronts her by asking her whether she is sick or not-and her mother denies it and then admits that she made the whole thing up because she was afraid to lose her! Maddy didn’t text Olly in a while and when she did read the last email they were moving out from the house because of that father, M then realizes that she can’t be living her life just for her mom and reunites with Olly in New York.


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