books I​ would like to read!!!

“I am a 7th-grade student who is often called a ‘bookworm’ by her family members and friends when I like a book, I feel like I am attached to it. Through this whole school year, I ‘ve been quite busy with ‘school stuff’ and when I finally got the time to read, I wrote a few books I would like to read and why.

  • A few weeks ago I red her second book which is called ‘the sun is also a star’ in my opinion I think that the book is very interesting to read, however, some people said it had ‘too many pages’ to read. The book talks about a family who entered America illegally and their visa wasn’t finished, years past but they got a deportation notice, they had 12 hours until they leave, she met a guy, she got hit by a car, he saved her life, she saw her ex-kissing her cushion, she heard her father said she was his biggest regret, bad news from her lawyer,developed feeling for Daniel, moved to Jamaica. In conclusion, she had lots of complications in her life
  • people said this book is good but its rated for 13+
  • I red this book while writing this blog post
  • many of my friends recommended this book to me. As I have heard the book is: “It brings you into the life of a person, a real, live, flawed, person. The hard truth is revealed and you should read it based on your maturity, not age”
  • Another website says “I was not expecting such a touching portrayal of a teen who is battling mental illness and those who try to love him. While the book does have lots of questionable languages.”
  • I am a huge fan of sad/romance books, first of all, the cover shows me a picture of a girl who is wearing medical things around her nose area and a boy is laying right beside her.
  • Usually, the name of the book makes me want to read it however if the book has good reviews I would read it
  • website review “I think it is a very touching book, it also teaches life lessons, that not only show that life doesn’t have to be perfect, but it also shows what cancer can make you go through.”
  • br1-200x300.jpg
  • ’13 reasons why’
  • this book out of all the suicide books in the world, I am not allowed to read it. According to my father, the book is not interesting neither the series. Young teens should watch this type of series
  • another website says ” the book and film encourages suicide”
  • From a teenagers point of view, out of all the books in the world that are talking about suicide why does this book cant be red by every normal teenage human
  • This book has been recommended to me a couple of times
  • I saw them in a local bookstore
  • a website says “The book tells two good stories in one; one about a unique family and one about romance, both of which are well-told in a way that you wouldn’t be able to dislike. The main character is very responsible and is actually a good example, she explains her thoughts on a lot of iffy things going on around her, but it’s not bad at all. Great read, worth your time.”
  • A website says “This book is important for adults and middle/older teens to read. It is emotional and difficult to read at times. Strong language, drug references, violence. I would recommend an adult reading this at the same time as a younger teen to allow for conversations. I was so engaged in the story that I finished it in 24 hours.”
  • I got recommended this book by a few people
  • This book was a best-selling book by the author of the fault in our starts

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