finding inspiration

I’ve have been asked a few questions over and over again

it just bothers me sometimes

theese are the questions that I have been asked

    • what inspires you?
    • what is this nonsense?
    • why are you writing this?
    • will this ever help you?

First of all, I find inspiration every day and in many places and spaces, reading others peoples beautiful writing makes me moving forward, it gets my imagination working.I don’t know why but when I can’t sleep or when I am not writing on my computer; I sometimes organize what I am going to write next and write a paragraph in my head before writing it in my MacBook, so I always keep a notebook in my bed due to me forgetting things a lot.Everything inspires me, it’s in every morning it could even be song lyrics, movie script, or even something a friend told me.

You will find your passion one day, today, tomorrow, after tomorrow, or even a year, or 10 but you will still find it

what is this nonsense

umm, the thing I am doing right now isn’t nonsense, its a passion, its a hobby, its a thing I like to do if I want to express myself.People have different opinions and its fine maybe people don’t understand what it means to me.

why are you writing this

my goal, in the beginning, was to inspire people and to share love between people in the world while reading my blog posts, but I still haven’t done that yet, I am looking forward to what is going to happen next in my writing chapter.

will this ever help you?

yes, this will help me, it might help me communicate with other creatives around the world, this will help make my writing better not wasting my time, I am doing the thing I love, and I am certainly not wasting my money on this

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interested in meaningful deep letters. The kind who loves picnics, road trips, watches Netflix and writes letters ♡ also ana insana ragda 24/7, loves to avoid human interaction o lover of redbull

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