why am i writing

I’ve have been asked a few questions over and over again and it honestly demotivates me and makes me feel unworthy…

*I m so sorry baby athba, it gets better and writing is more popular now*

First of all, I find inspiration every day and in many places and spaces, reading others work moves me forward, gets my imagination working. I don’t know why my first instinct when I cant seep is always to write. Everything inspires me.

gentle reminder: you will find your passion one day, today, tomorrow, after tomorrow, or even a year, or 10 but you will still find it

what is this nonsense

writing isn’t nonsense, its a form of self expression, its a passion, its a hobby, its a form of running away with all the thoughts in my head. you might never get how much THIS all means to me, its alright tho. one day you will see that writing matters, maybe not now, not next year, not the next ten years but you will and always remember that.

why are you writing

writing is my passion, there is no athba without writing; I’d be a lost soul wandering around earth with no reason of existence

will this ever help you?

it gives me a reason

*I haven’t published any of my recent work on here so please bear with me*

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