hey guys,its been a while know,yeah its been littearly 2 days,i havent written anything,i piled all of my ideas and made a schedule of when i am going to post a new blog post,i will officly post the schedule next week due to me not finishing it


yes,failure sucks,we all want to sucseed on the first try,but life dosent work that way,instead of blaming others and blaming yourself,just know it takes time.Just dont fear failure,fear being in the exact same place next year as you are today,failure is a bruise not a tattoo,even if you did your best there is some place for you to imrove your skills,evrey problem has a sulotion,you wouldnt want to be stuck in the same possition mabey it was just a lack of time or you didnt study enough,just focus on how you’re going to improve.

Make adjustments.Which part do you know you have done great in-without skiping and saying that you know it all along even though you dont know anything about it-which would benift from adjustment ,make changes to reflect all that.


Think about how to next submit,apply,or present your work.present your adjusment product.pitch your revised concepts.you knew you had something great,its just needed some fine-tuning


Thank you for reading!







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