I have nothing to write about, even though I want to, I have a lot of ideas write know but I cant write it in this blog post, I’m just writing and looking up ideas for change;I can’t think right now, I have a lot of thoughts right now about nonsense and things I shouldn’t worry about, its currently February 11, 12:34 PM and I have my earpods plugged in right now, without listening to anything and just trying to focus on the blog post.Anyways I better start this blog post

sorry if there was any spelling mistakes or anything not making scens its because i wont be editing this draft

Change, change is hard because you are wired to something or used to something, a tip is just don’t be afraid of change, you may end up losing someone or something good, but you will probably end up gaining something better.Your always one decision of changing your whole life, Don’t change your life, your attitude, your lifestyle, your thinking just for a person, they are not worth it, don’t just change so they would give a shit about you, trust me it’s not worth it.


I believe that every change you make in life starts with a decision you make, a decision that may shake and re-arrange your life all over again, a decision that may end up losing a person for good

I am proud to say that yes I’ve changed alot over the past year,yet this year is going to become a year of miracles,a year of hopes and dreams.Over the past year i ‘ve had alot of diffculities in my freindhsip,family issues and much more,but i am still doing the thing i love,i am expressing myself by doing this

“There is no statue of limatations on starting over.Re-invent yourself evrey day.Be the girl who walks barefoot and listens to blues.Tommorow,waer a trench coat and speck fierce truths.”

we arent meant to discover who we are.We are meant to create who we are

when your values are clear to you,making decisions becomes easier

Inspired by the book, ‘things are what you make of them’.

How to begin again

look its never too late to begin again and there are many reasons why we may need or want to.But one thing you cant do is resent your past.sure,some of it was shit,but you learned,you grew you are who you are because of that,while you were out there changing,so were your frendis around you,and the industry around you,what are trends like now?what can you ofer that you dont see represented,how can people change as much as you can

Talk about doing things and then dont do them,hold yourself accountable for a fresh start .Dont let the plannig the thing trick your brain into thinking you’ve done it,one huge step in accountabilty is writing things down to make them real-write something down that you cant ignore-Nobody actuualy reinvents themselfes overnight,there isnt a magic switch,plan your next steps.

Evreything is a little terrifying when you think about it,so after prepering as best as you can,its time to just go for it,run into the darkness with your steps,just go for it and dont even have a thought of;what will people think of me,who will like me now-just remember that ,’evreything happens for a reason’.

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interested in meaningful deep letters. The kind who loves picnics, road trips, watches Netflix and writes letters ♡ also ana insana ragda 24/7, loves to avoid human interaction o lover of redbull

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