my Conan Edogawa addiction

If you don’t know what Conan is its basically a detective, mystery anime, yes it is anime, I would recommend it to mystery lovers and anime lovers,the problem with it is, if you hate blood drawings and terrifying pictures, trust me this anime won’t be for you, guys, I am not that crazy fan of anime that watches anime 24/7 even at like 3AM in the mornings like who does that well I know.Maysoon I know you are reading this right now to correct my mistakes but she is that crazy fan that doesn’t sleep at all just to watch anime.

The story of Conan is just a normal hight school guy named shinchi kudo who is a detective, Once he was out with his girlfriend Ran mouri in a theme park, he somehow went to check out the place alone, he left ran alone, she didn’t know that it was his last goodbyes, he saw a man so he eavesdrop on the two, the first men wore dark weird looking clothing and had the APTX 4869 which is made by  the members of the Black Organization,  APTX 4869 is a fictional toxin and derivative of an experimental formula of unknown purpose developed by Shiho Miyano, which is used by the Black Organization as an untraceable, lethal poison. Right now, there is a prototype antidote for it made by Shiho.History of the APTX 4869, Atsushi Miyano and Elena Miyano joined the Black Organization as researchers thirty years before the present timeline[4] and started developing APTX 4869. Vermouth may have hinted that there was an earlier project that the Miyanos assumed control over when they joined,[5] perhaps the one Shiho implied was at least 50 years old.[6] Regardless, the pair worked on APTX 4869 until they met their untimely deaths in a laboratory fire[7] which destroyed much of their research, leaving their daughter Shiho Miyano behind and the project in an unfinished state. The Miyano parents’ version of the APTX 4869 was used to kill at least one person, Kohji Haneda who have murdered 17 years ago and included on Shiho’s list of APTX victims.

Shiho was then groomed to take over their APTX 4869 research project.[8][9] She was educated overseas in America[8] before returning to Japan at or before she was 13[10]. Shiho advanced the drug to the point where she observed at least one of her lab mice reverting in age.[11] She was also ordered to test the most recent, yet still incomplete, version of APTX 4869 on Ki’ichiro Numabuchi, a failed assassin. Shiho received the data about him, but he managed to escape the Black Organization before she could test it on him. The drug was still considered incomplete at the time it was used on Shinichi Kudo[12], but Pisco implied that Shiho had advanced it significantly since her parents’ tenure[13]. Shiho boycotted her work when she couldn’t get any answer to why her sister had died. To die by her own hand, she used the poison and ended up getting shrunk, which made her able to escape. It is unknown if the Black Organization has found replacement researchers to continue work on the APTX 4869 project after Shiho’s defection.Sometime during APTX’s development, the Black Organization decided to use the incomplete form as a poison for stealthy murder, since it could kill without leaving a trace in the victim.Anyways Shinichi didn’t notice that there was a man from the black organization-jean-had a baseball thing and beat Shinichi up and tried the APTX 4869’S on Shinichi-Shinichi then transformed into a little 7-year-old.He then went to doctor agas house and told him what happened to him, he told his parents and still kept it a secret from his girlfriend,(he then decided to live with her as doctor agas relative, Rans life is in a lie, she is still waiting for him all those years, someone proposed to her and she said no, just for sinchi,conan then wanted to revel the truth, he did, but she couldn’t believe it, she said, that u are trying to make me feel better,)A few days later a new girl came and she revealed that she was from the black organization and she might help shinchi for finding them, people are shipping the girl with him, but I like Ran and shinchi the most.the don’t forest that Shinichi is Conan 

This is ai chan or habirah chan-the girl


black organization


conan as a kid and as a grown up



this is ran


hope u enjoyed this

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