Time is limited

‘Time is limited and most people don’t understand that, we tend to waste our time on many things that are not very important,We waste so many days waiting for the weekend, waste so many nights thinking about non-important things, waste so many days and years waiting for the perfect guy, we waste so many days waiting for our grades, and we waste a lot of time waiting for our phone to charge, however, we could do other important things whilst we are waiting for the things we want.’

“We waste so many days waiting for the many nights wanting mornings.Our last for future comfortis the biggest thief of life”-Joshua Glenn Clark

Instead of waiting, you could change yourself, change your lifestyle, attitude, and change your mindset.

You should always remember, ‘Time decides who you meet in life’, but, ‘your heart decides who you want in your life and your behavior decides who stays in your life.’ However you could break this quote ‘Time decides who u meet in your life, but the person u meet will lead to your attitude and behavior, Your heart decides who you want in your life,’ which could lead to the person you had before in life.

“Dead people receive more flowers than living ones because regret is stronger than gratitude.”Anne Frank

I would like to share what happened whilst I was writing this post, it was a Friday afternoon and my uncle has stopped by before going to the farm, he had asked me why I was writing, who would read it? As I was thinking of a reply I remembered something acoffishot had said, ‘You shouldn’t care about who reads it or the number of views you have, Do the things you love the most’.

“Time has a really Wonderfull way of showing us what really matters”

After a while, He had come back, and said if people really liked my work or showed interest in my work I might get published to a whole new world who have no idea that I write and added, ‘age doesn’t matter if you are doing the things you want’.

“When you watch a match and you cheer for the team you love, you don’t do something for yourself and if you watch someones acomplishments and achivements, you arent doing any good to yourself and its not the same as you acomplishing something and people showing interest” Saif bin ajail

The fact that he had, later on, said that writing is good for me and if its really the thing I love doing, I should do it and you don’t know what the world is holding for you out there or what the future holds for you, So don’t stop your writings if you really love it.

“There’s only one thing more precious than our time and thats what we spend it on”

May you have a beautiful day, always hope.

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