hey guys,i know I haven’t written in a while, don’t worry I am fine:)

Time is limited and most people don’t understand that, we tend to waste our time on many things that are not very important,We waste so many days waiting for the weekend, waste so many nights thinking about non-important things, waste so many days and years waiting for the perfect guy, we waste so many days waiting for our grades, and we waste a lot of time waiting for our phone to charge, however we could do other important things whilst we are waiting for the things we want.

“We waste so many days waiting for the many nights wanting mornings.Our last for future comfortis the biggest thief of life”-Joshua Glenn Clark


Instead of waiting, you could change yourself, change your style,attiduade,and change your mindset.You should always remember,”Time decides who you meet

in life” But,”your heart decides who you want in your life” and “your behavior decides who stays in your life.” However you could break this quote Time decides who u meet in your life, but the person u meet will lead to your attitude and behavior,Your heart decides who you want in your life, which could lead to the person you had before in life

“Dead people receive more flowers than the living ones because regret is stronger than gratitude.”Anne Frank

whilst I was writing, my uncle said “what are you doing?”(me) I am writing,He asked”for who” (Me)I said for people who would like to read”he replyd don’t waste your time-he walked away-(me) I replyd if I don’t do it know when will I do it?”He said who would read it?,”I remembered something special Someone(coffishot)told me.she said,”You shouldn’t care about who reads it or the amount of views you have,Do the things you love the most.After he walked away, my mom said,”he told you this, because he dosent like social networking.So I wanted to tell you its fine what people think about the thing you love because everybody has a different opinion than yours.However he then told me-see what he told me in the next paragraph.

“Time has a really Wonderfull way of showing us what really matters”

After a while,He came back to me and said if people really liked your work and showed interest in your writings, A company may publish your writings to a whole new world out there that don’t know about your writings and people may show a lot of interest in your work and then you could be very successful and start a career,and it will be amazing of you having your own career on the thing you love.He seemed happy that I was determined to do the thing I love, he told me that I could do like a tourist office, and show people places here in use because my father goes to a lot of amazing places and the most weirdest places but they usually are really pretty, but then I said I am still too small to have an office and Strat my own career and then I laughed,then he said age dosent matter, if you are doing the thing you want.I told him about my wishlist of travels and wanting to visit Manchester to see man city match, he said,”When you watch the match you just start cheering them, you don’t do something for yourself,and if you start watching someones accomplishments and achievements  u Arent doing something good for yourself, its not the same as you accomplishing something and people show interest in it”.He then added keep up your work, writing is good for you, if its really the thing you love do it, you don’t know what the world is holding for you out there or what the future holds for you.So don’t stop your writings if you really love it.”

“There’s only one thing more precious than our time and thats what we spend it on”

Thank you so much, for reading this blog post,I had a wonderful time sharing my experience with you guys,I hope you had a wonderful time this blog post.A huge thanks to 5ale Saif for encouraging me to continue my blog post and for the advice, even though he dosent like social media things and social related stuff

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