princess diana

“I knew what my job was; it was to go out and meet people and love them.” Diana used her position to elevate awareness in addition to funds for charitable causes; she was not the only one who did humanitarian work, but she was the solitary one who did it with extreme sincerity and openness so, she was open with “regular people.” Many felt through conversations with her that she not only listened but also made them feel like she genuinely cared regarding what they’d to say. People worshiped her, and she became the symbol and conjointly the icon of her generation. Diana has done things no various royals would do. Despite the particular undeniable fact that Diana was suffering, she endlessly found a way to help others- as a matter of reality, she never let her bulimia come in her way.

One of the perplexing primary divulgings from Princess Diana’s audiotapes was that she struggled with depression and even tried to end her own life. She aforementioned in her recordings, “I was so depressed and attempted to use razor blades to cut my wrists.” She additionally talked regarding having bulimia in which the disorder started when Prince Charles place his hand on her waist and aforementioned, “A bit chubby here, aren’t we?” Not only did her problems increase as her marriage started to fail, but the restriction became the answer to the emptiness she felt. Lady Di had hidden all her emotions and feelings to herself; therefore, once she noticed that Charles was having an affair, it traumatized the statue of Diana – she felt she was never adequate.”My husband made me feel so ashamed in every way that every time I came up the air, he pulled me down again … You know, even if I ate a lot of food, Charles would say, ‘ Oh, well that come crawling back later? What a waste! ‘ The reality was that Charles ‘ affair had led to the spiraling of Diana’s bulimia. The royals tried to protect the reputation of Charles – despite what it concerned about. Diana later realized she fell into the beehive of a person who preferred another woman and unable to bear the avalanche of agony, developed bulimia and was found to be’ mentally unbalanced’ within the monarchy.

 Although Diana had a severe illness, she managed to hide it all because she had a prestige which had to be maintained. Diana became open with her disorder, which is called bulimia; bulimia can arise after a significant source of stress, which happened to Diana as she had to sustain a reputation while maintaining her true identity around the British monarchy and, therefore, the pressure was excessive.

Diana was greatly concerned with her mental health and was upfront and honest regarding her eating disorder “The bulimia was terrible, absolutely horrible. Anything I could find, I would eat and be sick two minutes later,” Diana was so open to the extent that she did not hide her illness such as the young girls (and men). Diana had also been able to touch several people’s lives to the extent that people came to understand that it was all right to ask for help; it was all right to accept that things have not been good. Once she revealed it, the news was everywhere. Diana had gained respect from people since she was one of the royals and had admitted to her struggles. People realized that they should also ask for help whenever needed, and that is because of the appearance of Princess Diana and her illness. However, another truth was shortly revealed; it was because of the acceptance of Lady Diana’s battle with food that most people were finally able to step forward as well as acknowledge that they had a disorder , so because of Diana’s courage to fight her disorder, several others have discussed their issues together and found help.

Over the years, Diana overcame her bulimia by working out a deal with her troubled marriage too. Star trainer Jenni Rivett managed to talk frankly about the time she spent helping the Princess of Wales and confirmed that the Princess did not want the illness to place her in poor spirits.”Afterward, she feels so amazing, and the looks are just a bonus.”


the homework controversy

It’s midnight, and Ellie is still wide awake. Her eyes only kept open by ungodly amounts of coffee; she needs to finish her never-ending piles of homework. She realized she would be unable to remain alert in class tomorrow; However, she has no other decision. Excessive, uncontrolled homework is an increasing problem for students. Teachers assign a lot of homework, as they are not aware of the overload students already have. In today’s world, excessive homework has much more negative aspects than positive aspects such as stress, sleep deprivation, physical ailments, less time with family, and finally, loss of childhood.

First, homework should be banned because of the unnecessary stress and strain. All those late nights, kept up open by ungodly amounts of coffee, and papers, which are all symptoms of the nation-sweeping homework epidemic. Broad measures of pressure are put on students each day, and five hours of the school day should be adequate to pick up the materials needed, primarily since they are covering numerous lessons every week. Although some students might be able to complete their schoolwork quickly, that being said, other students crawl along, troubled at a snail’s pace, this indicates that they will likely require extra assistance. Therefore, they are tasked with extra hours of school, and now they are not only assigned to end extra school hours but are now under additional stress to finish everything else before the next day. For instance, homework should be limited to the core classes only, limiting the loads as much as possible because homework does not lead to highly successful students; While many teachers and instructors believe that homework is imperative to student achievement, data shows that homework does not equal success. Correspondingly, Finland has abridged school hours, no standardized tests, and, most importantly, no homework, yet ranked one of the best education systems in the world. 

To extend my point further, homework puts an end to childhood as homework steals children’s ability to play, run, and have a felicitous time. Research from the university of people shows that taking away children’s childhoods will trigger their hatred for schools, leading them to perform dismally on exams due to the fact they hate school. On that account, they wouldn’t even want to try to do well, which would tear down their dynamism for learning, so students need their time to relax, seven hours a day of education makes the student a property of education, as the time spent in education is more than time spent with family. Once a child is on the way back home, they need to spend up to six auxiliary hours doing assignments; Generally, it takes time away from students that might be spent doing things they love, if not, this may lead to depression and loss of self. In any event, we know that education is essential and extremely valued, but denying kids epithermal years of integrity and innocence, is unsparing.

It is true that homework meddles with family time; it’s still an important and valuable part of education. As there are just a couple of hours every school day, there isn’t enough time to cover all the topics students need to study, thus assigning homework allows a broader and more in-depth education. Moreover, the extra practice that assignments provide could help a student struggling to master a concept. However, homework’s primary purpose is to assist students in learning rather than merely “completing work.” Too much homework may encourage cheating because children end up copying off each other to finish all their assignments. Children go to school to get an education, not copy answers from others. For them, it’s just another score; all they care about is submitting their work before 11:59. As a result, there would be no purpose assigning further work when they see the work as just another assignment, and either way, they end up copying each other’s work. Therefore, schools should contemplate decreasing the quantity of homework on students.


the world of the unkown

The last person who actually told me the truth was my father with his dying breath. As I held onto his hand, begging him to stay, he spoke in a gruff voice, “Alas, never trust a survivor.” He had warned me and he clutched my hands firmly as if I was a child again, “until you find out what they did to stay alive”. 

His smile awakened memories long forgotten; I recall sitting on my father’s lap, watching the snowdrops bloom when the lingering light was obliterated by the rapidly falling night. My mother, laying in ten shades of agony, her eyes were every shade of the sky enthralled from dusk to dawn; her eyes shut into a deeper place to cope, it sunk into a tone of something so deceased it sent shivers down my spine.

The eerie, segregated darkness of that night would never abscond my memory.

I have been locked up for 315,619,200 seconds, 5,260,320 minutes and 3653 days. I have nothing but a book and an antique music box to keep me amity.  Soldiers stand unwillingly beside my chamber, sudden footsteps steadily creaked on every step of the stairs leading to my chamber, a soldier peeped out as his face turned blankly speechless. The chamber door handle turned slowly. My hair stood on an end, a chilling shiver raced down my spine as if they were daggers sinking onto my back and a lump came to my throat.

It was him

“I told you I need to see her”
The air turned black all around me, my heart skipped a beat I desperately yet silently gasped for air yet it refused to enter my lungs. His arms, a sea of ink, half sleeves to his elbows, icy grey eyes, dark brown hair.

“Bu- p-prince William” a soldier muttered with his tongue-twisting into a thousand knots as he stood before him

When our eyes meet a wave of memories surges with the power of a hurricane. As much as I tried to hold it in, my walls just subside, tears run down my face like a water dam and I don’t hesitate to look away. 

“ I’m sorry” he reluctantly muttered.

“You’re sorry?” I exclaimed with fury tearing through the chambers of my heart.

‘Sorry for what? That your father locked me up because I was born with the power to see the truth, just because your family has a dark past and lethal secrets does not mean you have to punish other people for your mistakes’ 

‘Don’t talk to me.’ I mutter into thin air as if I were speaking to a ghost. 

He lifted his right eyebrow arrogantly not knowing what to say. 

He heard me.

My heart twisted and sunk with nerves as I looked blankly at him. Being with William is like resting in a house while war rages outside, all I wanted to do was curl up into a ball and wait for someone to save me. He smirks but he’s not smiling and I want to cry, my eyes desperate and terrified darting towards the stairs that I’d climbed so many times as a child I’d lost count.

The way Prince William walked out made me cogitate 1000 thoughts at once, my mind was a surging perplexity. I felt lost in his lies, mixed feelings coursed through me; I felt oddly buoyant because finally after a decade someone finally took a second to look at me. As my consciousness receded, my mind went into a dark void, swirling with the beautiful chaos of thoughts.

He walked like a soldier, eye’s hard, moth set in a grim line, sweat drenched my skin, I could hear the thumping of my heart against my chest. I glance around trying to understand what was happening. William motions his hands to his back pocket and takes out a dilapidated, dusty black box, the box belonged to my grandparents, my beloved grandfather gifted the box to my grandmother after they got married to indicate how their relationship was rooted like the present, the box was covered in brown leather lined with an ancient seal. William nodded in agreement, and I used my necklace key to open the box.

Smog coated my ever so delicate pupil and everything went black – I could drown in this air, suffocated from the humidity.  I fluttered my eyes open as I witnessed the scene of optimism. I felt trapped as if the chains of misery had sunk into my soul. People had deep curves on their lips, their smiles causing a million memories to urge through my mind. Happiness was something elevated, every person with their heads up bustles of summer; delectation percolated through them. 

William appeared in the crowd, for a moment I stopped reasoning. My thoughts trundled through my brain recalling malignant secrets as he hurtled towards me. With a cold hand, he clutched my red fist and I felt numb, my world turned dull and all I could hear were whispers. His power, as strong as a black hole, my heart throbbed with fear, a single tear slid down my face and I could feel the hairs on my arm raise as it trembled on my sides. His eyes were narrowed-rigid and cold. His deadly stare felt painful, like a knife piercing my heart. 

The power in me was emancipated.

By him.


If he wants battle then I will give him war…

hiiii ❤ thank you so much for reading !!! I wrote this short story and its currently published in a book and that makes me go uwuuuu

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