Mid-month wrap up

I completed 9 books in October/November, most of the books I’ve red this month was fantasy, science fiction and dystopian. A lot of people told me to re-read the shatter me series so I did, my friend and I red the books together and I kept spoiling the books for her, which was actually really fun…

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finding inspiration

I’ve have been asked a few questions over and over again it just bothers me sometimes theese are the questions that I have been asked what inspires you? what is this nonsense? why are you writing this? will this ever help you? DONT WASTE YOUR TIME ON THIS

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I have nothing to write about, even though I want to, I have a lot of ideas write know but I cant write it in this blog post, I’m just writing and looking up ideas for change;I can’t think right now, I have a lot of thoughts right now about nonsense and things I shouldn’t…

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Self help Book I recommend

I got inspired by a blog post and yes its coffishot Favorite Books Anyways I think I got addicted to the topic of self-help and related books under the topic Enjoy x by the way i am not good at taking pics so that pic is not mine,just found it layig around in we heart…

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I believe that tears are prayers too they travel to god when we cant speak, I believe that a strong person is not the one who doesn’t cry.A strong person is the one who cries and shed their tears for a moment, then gets up and fights again, and act that nothing ever happened. the moment…

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To the world out here​

just think what if the world was blind, what would be the first thing you would do, what if people didn’t have to feel and didn’t know who you were, would you go and apologize to someone that lost trust in you.Would it be worth it if you die, everytime you get upset at something just ask…

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  “Inspired by acoofishot https://acoffeeshot.com/2017/06/18/l-o-v-e LOVE what is love? I believe that love is a connection between two people in a relationship or love as a family or love as cousins and friends, and loving yourself, loving yourself is the most important of them all. “You have to learn to get up from the table when love is…

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toxic people

Toxic friends or negative people, we’ve all come across that friend-from those who gossip behind our backs and share nasty things about you. Your mother is always right about a toxic friendship or relationship if your mom doesn’t like them, they are not a good person, full stop, however, you may persuade them by telling them…

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the inner voice inside of you

Are you the type of person that thinks about a conversation that happened a long time ago and you just sit in bed and start thinking about good comebacks; things your inner voice told you to do and you refused and got you into a huge mess?well, that person is me, I noticed that sometimes or…

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Time is limited

‘Time is limited and most people don’t understand that, we tend to waste our time on many things that are not very important,We waste so many days waiting for the weekend, waste so many nights thinking about non-important things, waste so many days and years waiting for the perfect guy, we waste so many days waiting for our grades,…

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To forgive is to release the negative feeling or resentment or the need to revenge toward a person who did you wrong/harmed you. It is to let go of the hatred and anger within you.

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Letting go

“Don’t let go, please” my head is pounding, my arms and legs kick out desperately as I try to swim back up, I keep fighting until I feel my head is about to explode, every cell in my body is screaming for oxygen, my lungs feel as though they’re set on fire. I can’t hold my…

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Nature & style

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