princess diana

“I knew what my job was; it was to go out and meet people and love them.” Diana used her position to elevate awareness in addition to funds for charitable causes; she was not the only one who did humanitarian work, but she was the solitary one who did it with extreme sincerity and openness so, she was open with “regular people.” Many felt through conversations with her that she not only listened but also made them feel like she genuinely cared regarding what they’d to say. People worshiped her, and she became the symbol and conjointly the icon of her generation. Diana has done things no various royals would do. Despite the particular undeniable fact that Diana was suffering, she endlessly found a way to help others- as a matter of reality, she never let her bulimia come in her way.

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the homework controversy

It’s midnight, and Ellie is still wide awake. Her eyes only kept open by ungodly amounts of coffee; she needs to finish her never-ending piles of homework. She realized she would be unable to remain alert in class tomorrow; However, she has no other decision. Excessive, uncontrolled homework is an increasing problem for students. Teachers assign a lot of homework, as they are not aware of the overload students already have. In today’s world, excessive homework has much more negative aspects than positive aspects such as stress, sleep deprivation, physical ailments, less time with family, and finally, loss of childhood.

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the world of the unkown

The last person who actually told me the truth was my father with his dying breath. As I held onto his hand, begging him to stay, he spoke in a gruff voice, “Alas, never trust a survivor.” He had warned me and he clutched my hands firmly as if I was a child again, “until you find out what they did to stay alive”. 

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